These days every woman yearns for a soft, glowing and of course, blemish-free glowing skin. Women’s healthy and glowing skin is the first thing that grabs attention of everyone. It’s a symbol of beauty and charm. While dull and tired skin can make you feel less of yourself.

“The best makeup you can wear is healthy glowing skin”

5 in 1 RF & EMS face beauty machine is the most popular and easy to use skincare machine. You can save a lot of your money and time, wasted on visiting dermatologists for weekly or monthly skin care treatments.

You can implement this as part of your beauty and skincare routine. The best part? The high technology used in this device makes it possible to perform well in a short time. You can use this device 3-4 times a week. Only 10 minutes are needed to get young and smoother skin after a hectic work routine. Its five tremendous functions are listed below:

  • Radio frequency (RF)
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)
  • Mesoporation
  • Electroporation
  • LED treatment

Helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines:

If a middle-aged woman uses 5 in 1 RF & EMS face beauty machine around her eyes after every two weeks for two months. She will see a quite visible improvement in her eye wrinkles and fine lines. The radio frequency (RF) process is used at treating sagging skin. RF is the high frequency, which uses the natural resistance of tissue in various skin layers, transforming the applied radio frequency energy into thermal energy. This energy then allows the increase in collagen production. It effectively reduces wrinkles, fine lines, redness, skin fatigue, improves blood circulation, and promotes lymph.

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Remove acne and pimples and reduces skin pore size:

This beauty machine helps in removing acne and pimples by drying them. For removing acne, pimples and reducing the skin pore size, LED treatment is the best. Light energy production packets are sent deeper into skin layers to minimize the bacteria that cause acne. It also helps repair and heal facial skin (especially the sunburn) and gives a soothing effect.

Skin whitening:

In a 5 in 1 RF & EMS face beauty machine, mesoporation, also known as mesotherapy, gives amazing whitening effects and youthful looking skin. During this process, high-level photon penetration is done. It directly sends the material inside the dermal layer of skin. It is done by disturbing the skin surface that causes the disturbed cells to open for a short time. These temporarily open cells create small moisture channels that send skincare products into the skin.

Skin lifting and tightening:

It has a function naming electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Its function is to activate the cells for tightening and uplifting the facial skin. After done with this process, you will feel very glowing and bright skin. It helps in improving skin elasticity and softens wrinkles.


Electroporation is the process used for anti-aging and hyper pigmentation. This process is done without using needles. Instead of needles, the electric field is used in it, which activates the skin cells. Due to the cell activation, the way used to transport collagen becomes deeper in the skin. And then, the absorption of skin increases and the entire skin care product is induced directly into the skin. It helps in getting higher results without using any needle or any painful treatment.

For perfect skin, make sure you have this amazing beauty care device in your home. Because it is very small in size, you can carry it anywhere. Browse this product and enjoy smooth skin within a couple of minutes.